Harvest Student Ministry

Harvest Student Ministry


Mission: HSM exists to make disciples who are fully satisfied in Jesus Christ. We do this through focusing on our three values of Biblical Literacy, Leadership Posture, and Integrated Faith. (Grades 7th - 12th)

Leadership: Zak Graves (Director of Students and Young Adults), Phil Beardslee (Associate Director of Operations), Gracie Mendoza (Associate Director of Hospitality)




 HSM Main Session

Wednesdays 7pm - 9pm @ The Barn (8845 Carriage Dr. Granite Bay)
Games, Worship, Message, Small Groups


Current HSM Series


Jonah: This rich historical narrative puts God's compassion on display, enabling us to critically look at ourselves and see how we reflect this characteristic. Will we be like the reluctant prophet who resists, or will we realize that compassion extends beyond us?




Upcoming Events

Second Saturday: Come out with us to serve the homeless alongside the great people of UC Davis Veterinary personnel at Loaves and Fishes in Sacramento (Generally every second Saturday of the month). For more details email Phil Beardslee -phillipbeardslee@gmail.com


The Leadership Internship

Regardless of where you are in life (student, athlete, employee, entrepreneur), professional skills/leadership skills are absolutely essential. Our 20 week program pulls some of the best material in leadership, helping each student engage with the material and then apply it in their context. Each student is commemorated upon completion, and is enabled to apply for a second semester, diving into more content!

Topics Include:
-How to see and shape the future.
-How to engage and develop teammates.
-Goal setting and achievement.
-The importance of embracing reality but also reinventing it.

Requirements to Apply
-Be at least 15 years old
-Have reliable means of transportation to weekly meetings
-Be able to dedicate about 5 hours per week to the program (1.5 Hrs - Self Applied Learning | 1.5 Hrs - Group Session | 2 Hrs - Applicational Learning)

More information and applications available later this year! 


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