Small Group Leader Resources

Welcome to the Harvest Small Group Leader Resource page. This is for Small Group Leaders and Leaders in Training to have access to all training resources and important information. Not a leader or leader in training? You are free to browse and watch whatever you like, as we believe there are many more leaders God has for the future of our ministry and you may just be one of them! If you would like to apply to be a Small Group leader you can fill out the form on the bottom of this page. 


Pre-Approved Teachers List


Small Group Shared Responsibility Documents

Facilitator Overview

Large Group Discussion Facilitator

Prayer Facilitator

Worship Facilitator

Breakout Facilitator

Food Facilitator

Follow-Up Facilitator

Events and Outreach Facilitator


Good Friday/Passover 2018 Documents

List of Priorities

Leader Guide




Small Group Leader Documents

Download the Harvest Sacramento Small Group Leader playbook here!

 (The playbook is a large file and may take a few moments to load, once it has loaded in your browser window you can right click on the document and "save as" to your computer)

Weekly Small Group Questions

Recording Attendance with InFellowship

Fall 2017 Training Handout

How To Cast Vision In 3 Minutes


Training Videos

Missed a small group training session? Want to know what our trainings are all about? Watch the videos below. 


Leader Training - June 3, 2018 - Peggy Johnson

Download Power Point Slides

Listen to Audio

Watch all of Harvest Sacramento's "3 Minute Training" videos on Vimeo here


SG Leader Application 

For Leaders in Training going through the official process of becoming a leader in the near future. Reference Section 4 of the Playbook for the expected timeline of your multiplication.