The End is Coming: Part 1

August 14, 2016 Preacher: Chris Ritter Series: Discipleship Defined

Topic: End Times Scripture: Mark 13:1–13:27

The End is Coming: Part 1

Mark 13:1-27


Big Idea: How can I be ready for Jesus to return?

1) Be close to Jesus (v. 5-8)

2) Be ready for persecution (v. 9-13)

What about verse 10?

Romans 10:14, 10:18 

Colossians 1:21-23 

3) Be informed about the end

“In the Gospel of Mark there is no passage more problematic than the prophetic discourse of Jesus on the destruction of the Temple. The questions posed by the form and content of the chapter and by its relationship to the Gospel as a whole are complex and difficult and have been the occasion of extensive literature” - New International Commentary on the New Testament

4 things to keep in mind with end times passages
1 - Smart people who sincerely love Jesus disagree with each other
2 - You don't need to know every possible interpretation
3 - Everyone should approach these matters with humility
4 - The truth is not in question, even if it is not clear to us

"Abomination of Desolation" (v. 14-20)
- Comes from passages in Daniel 9, 11, and 12
- Something or someone that would treat the Temple in such a profane way that the result would be the destruction of the Temple
- Jesus tells disciples it will be a clear indicator they need to flee Jerusalem

4 things you need to know from v. 26-27 about Jesus' return:
1 - Jesus is coming back visibly
2 - Jesus is coming back bodily
3 - Jesus will come in power and glory
4 - Jesus will come for his people

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