Jesus Changes Everything

November 22, 2015 Preacher: Chris Ritter Series: Discipleship Defined

Topic: Gospel Scripture: Mark 2:18–3:6

Big Idea: Jesus changes everything by crushing religion in 3 ways

First: Jesus crushes religion by moving from the old to the new (v. 18-22)

3 facts about fasting:
1. Jesus never commanded us to fast but assumed his disciples would fast (Matt. 6:16)
2. Fasting is in response to our desire to have Jesus present with us (Mark 2:20)
3. Fasting was a regular part of the Christian life in Acts (Acts 9:9, 13:2, 14:23)

3 things to consider when fasting
1. Start with 1 meal
2. Fasting needs to be combined with prayer (Ezra 8:23, Acts 13:3)
3. Fasting is a form of worship (Luke 2:37)

Second: Jesus crushes religion by moving it from control to Lordship (v. 23-28)

The only right way to understand Mark 2:28 is that Jesus is Lord over EVERYTHING

Third: Jesus crushes religion by revealing it as death and brings us to life - (3:1-6)

Jesus takes what is dead and brings life. He takes what is broken and restores.

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