RootedPageNewHarvest Bible Chapel is constantly moving forward in our mission to glorify God by making disciples.

We’ve seen lost people get saved, saved people mature, and mature people multiply to the glory of God. And by God’s grace, we’re running out of space and looking forward to where we go from here.

A building is not the mission, but it is a tool for the mission. A building would allow us to move from a set up and tear down situation to a 24/7/365 church that would allow us to have a place to minister, care, and serve people during the week. A building would also allow us to expand the breadth of our ministries as we know no longer fit in homes for many church events. Additionally, a building is our declaration to a community desperate for gospel transformation that we’re here to stay.

While the search for an interim space has been difficult, we are not surprised nor dismayed. In any great work of God, Hudson Taylor said, “First it’s impossible, then it’s difficult. Then it’s done.” So we press FORWARD to make more disciples and better disciples for the glory of God. Please join us in praying for a space and if any come to mind, we’d love to hear from you below.