Kyle Hollingshead - Worship Leader



In your own words describe what you do at Harvest.

I oversee all aspects of the worship ministry including song selection, service planning, band directing, and leading worship most Sunday mornings at Harvest.

Why did you want to be on Staff at Harvest?

There is nothing like singing with the people of God gathered together to worship Him in spirit and truth. Methodologically, I love the intentionality behind the Vertical worship, ascribing praise to God for His glory, that we pursue at Harvest everyday. Theologically, I love the centrality of and care with which the church handles the Word in both preaching and singing.

What experience, education, and/or work background do you bring with you to Harvest?

I have my BA in communication from University of Washington. I work in spinal devices. I have lead worship in various capacities since in 2013 and have developed my passion for leading worship since being at Harvest.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to ministry?

Seeing God’s people saved, matured and edified through singing the truths of His Word. Responding in singing after hearing the authority of God’s Word proclaimed is powerful.

What music/musicians has been influential in your life?

The first major influence of mine was Shane and Shane. I love their style and emphasis on singing through pieces of scripture. Another would be King’s Kaleidoscope. I have learned from their creativity in taking the profound lyric of an old hymn and adapting it to the high-impact style we love at Harvest.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you want to go and why?

Guatemala, to see where my wife lived and went to high school.

What's your favorite sport,or sports team?

The team I follow and enjoy watching most is my brother’s soccer team, FC Dallas.