Harvest Gives 2017



What is Harvest Gives?

Harvest Gives is a generosity initiative where we take the resources God provides through us in the month of December and use it to maximize ministry impact and bring him glory.  This year, we are seeking to express our thanks by blessing the two specific facilities we use on an ongoing basis as well as save funds for a future facility for Harvest.  During the month of December, any general funds given to Harvest above our necessary operating expenses will be used for Harvest Gives.  We will announce the total amount contributed for Harvest Gives in January 2018 during church services so we can celebrate God's gracious provision together.


Where will the funds be going?

- Granite Bay High School:  We desire to financially bless teachers, janitors, and staff for their generosity in providing their cafeteria for our services and their classrooms to our children's ministry week in and week out.

 - The Youth For Christ (YFC) Barn:  Our student ministry uses The Barn every week and we wish to tangibly demonstrate our love for YFC by helping them keep the Barn in excellent condition for all the ministry happening there.

- Rooted:  We are fervently praying that God would provide us a full time facility and desire to be financially prepared for when He leads us to a space.  Continuing to aggressively save now will put us in the best position possible when that day comes.


How can I give?

1.  Any Sunday in December, give cash or check as the offering is taken during service.  No memo or note is needed.

2.  Any day in December, give online to the general fund via bank account or credit card.  

3.  Consider giving stocks to Harvest.  Giving stocks to a 501(c)(3) non-profit like Harvest is straightforward and comes with significant tax advantages to the giver.  For more information on how to get started, email Harvest's Finance Administrator Brandynne Cho at bcho@harvestsacramento.net.