Online Finance Report


At Harvest Sacramento, we desire to be open about how the funds entrusted to us are spent and strive to be above reproach in all things related to the receiving and spending of church funds.  From the beginning, our people have been phenomenally generous to the ministries of Harvest, such that we continue to invest in ministries, staff, operations, and give generously out of our resources to further God's Kingdom around the world.  




Explaining HBC’s 2017-2018 budget:

Annual Budget: $1.2 Million
Monthly Need: $100,000
Weekly Need: $23,077

Understanding each category:

Employee Expenses:
All current employee expenses for 9 full-time employees. 

We are a giving church and will continue giving generously towards church planting efforts around the world. Additionally, funds are allocated for local giving opportunities as they arise.

General Operating:
This includes such areas as education, travel expenses, technology purchases and subscriptions, office expenses, media communications, and safety/security. 

All current and planned facility rental and associated purchases.

Saving for Future:
Our goal is to set aside 10% of general giving this year towards our future land/building fund as the Lord would allow us to do.

Ministry Operations:
The sum of allocated resources for all our various and growing ministries to continue to grow, purchase necessary equipment and teaching resources, and run highly effective disciple-making ministries.

Monthly report for 2017-2018 Fiscal Year (July 1 - June 30):

July: $104,526
August: $90,937
September: $90,822
October: $95,504
November: $97,072
December: General Budget: $100,000 and Harvest Gives: $44,936
January: $125,647 
February: $111,432
March: $100,843 
April: $149,875 
May: $99,326 

Year To Date ahead/behind budget:  +6%


If you are a member of Harvest Sacramento and have any questions about these numbers or about our budget, please contact Pastor Chris at

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